Pharma Integrates 2024

12th November 2024


  • TRACK 1: Big Health Issues & Enablers
  • TRACK 2: Technology

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08:30 - 09:30
Registration & Networking
09:30 - 09:40
Welcome & Opening Remarks
09:45 - 10:05
Fireside Chat 1: The UK as a Life Sciences superpower
What next? The UK has world leading strengths in academic research and early stages of company development and yet has struggled to grow new companies to scale. The Life Sciences industrial strategy, sector deals, regulatory strategies and financing initiatives have provided a framework for growth but how to execute strategy in the light of tightening in healthcare budgets impacting access and pricing? Will the new governments in the UK and US help or hinder growth?
10:10 - 10:30
Fireside Chat 2

Big Health Issues & Enablers

How to tackle some of the biggest health challenges, such as obesity, respiratory conditions and cancer. How to enable a better Industry, through creating diverse skilled teams, empowering the patient and navigating the economic and regulatory environment


How we can use technology to improve health outcomes, improve sustainability and create robust supply chains

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10:45 - 11:15

Networking Coffee Break

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Application of AI to drug discovery process

We have seen some drugs discovered though AI now enter clinical trials [eg Exscentia] and promise reduced development costs and more effective therapies, however there are only a handful of AI drug discovery companies. Is AI discovery and effective tool in drug discovery?  What will be required to bring it into the mainstream?  How will the rest of the drug discovery and development value chain need to adapt?

 The rapid adoption of GLP-1’s

The rapid adoption of GLP-1’s have made this class of drugs a blockbuster. With indications from diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and dementias, these drugs offer great promise to patients and healthcare systems. There are current supply chain shortages and around 150 new GLP-1 projects have been initiated.

– how will GLP-1’s impact treatment of chronic conditions?

– how will the rest of the healthcare system need to adapt [eg mental health support, resistance training and gyms to help manage potential side effects?]

– how will supply chains need to adapt to the massive demand for the current injectable products and further oral therapies. How will the regulatory manage non prescribed use?

More sessions to follow

12:30 - 13:30

Networking Lunch

How can CDMO’s lead innovation and what does this mean for partnerships with their customers?

– how can manufacturing networks become more sustainable and reduce emissions?

– what does this mean for supply chain enablers? AI, technology and talent?

AI beyond drug discovery

McKinsey estimate generative AI to produce $60-100bn in annual value across the harm a value chain. $15-28bn is estimated in drug discovery and we have seen the greatest adoption in this area. A further $38-67bn value is estimated across the rest of the value chain

– how will AI impact clinical development, manufacturing, commercial and medical affairs?

– what regulatory framework do we need to support the effective application of AI? What are the risks and opportunities?

– how do we organise for success?

How can pharma supply chains and partnerships respond to the dynamics of the pharmaceutical market?

Speed of development is increasing and demand forecasts becoming more uncertain due to pricing, market access and competitive behaviour. Governments have been on-shoring and nationalising supply chains and shortages of key drugs remain. How do we optimise manufacturing networks to be nimble and fit for the future? What can we learn from supply chains in other industries to help manage uncertainty and innovation? (semiconductors, aerospace, automotive)

More sessions to follow

16:00 - 17:00

Networking Drinks Reception

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Victoria House, London

Victoria House, London

Pharma Integrates  2024 Venue: Victoria House

Victoria House, located in the heart of Bloomsbury, London, is a Grade II listed venue with state-of-the-art laboratories available for rent, designed to support scientific research and innovation. The laboratories are fully equipped with advanced technology and facilities, making them ideal for startups, established companies, and research institutions. In addition to labs, Victoria House also features flexible event spaces, advanced AV technology, and professional on-site support.

As part of the Pioneer Group, Victoria House is connected to Europe’s largest collective of scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs. This dynamic environment supports collaboration with universities, high-growth enterprises, large corporates, healthcare providers, and local government. Pioneer Group offers a range of programmes, including Pre-Accelerator Workshops, Accelerator Programmes, and Launch support, to help businesses grow and innovate. Companies also benefit from expert networks, investment opportunities, and tailored events that foster a unique culture.


Victoria House

Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4DA, United Kingdom

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