Precisia (C2-ai)

Precisia specialises in clinical risk stratification across major chronic conditions using C2-Ai’s unique clinical risk adjustment platform that identifies risk-based medical need. This is important because there is no average patient.

Our mission is to deploy this capability – staying true to C2-Ai’s commitment to delivering precision analytics at scale – helping bridge the gap between Life Sciences partners and health systems globally and make a meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes at the intersection of innovation, technology and precision population health.

Precisia identifies and defines cohorts at high risk for Life Science partners:

· deepening their understanding of real unmet need and the drivers of variation, with and for local health systems

· informing research and product development – more rapidly identifying targets and relevant cohorts for clinical trial participation

· helping organisations develop solutions that support diverse population needs, enabling transformation of product development and increasing uptake of innovation to improve patients’ lives and address health inequity

· facilitating effective global collaborations that yield local impact.

Precisia is a business unit of C2-Ai, the award-winning health analytics company with a strong heritage in the NHS that has worked with health systems across the world over the last 16 years, receiving wide-spread recognition.

Precisia (C2-ai)