SGS Quay Pharma

Founded in 2002, SGS Quay Pharma specialises in contract pharmaceutical development and GMP manufacturing, providing a range of services for our global clients.

From MHRA licensed and FDA registered facilities, SGS Quay Pharma is experienced in taking products quickly and cost effectively from pre-clinical formulation through clinical trial manufacture and on occasion into small scale commercial production. Our strong project management underpins the journey from implementation of analytical and formulation development through to stability testing, clinical trial manufacture.

When considering an approach for a new project we will consult our team of distinguished and highly experienced CSOs including our founder and director Professor Mike Rubinstein, Professor John Collet, Professor Larry Gifford and Professor Peter Timmins. The almost 150 years combined academic and industrial experience they bring is invaluable and allows Quay to offer a unique consultative-based approach to our clients.

Quay’s core competencies focus on NCE’s. Quay has vast expertise in oral dosage form design and development and specialise in drugs that exhibit poor solubility and bioavailability along with those which require targeted delivery. By customer request, Quay has also developed novel drug delivery systems to strengthen client intellectual property by conferring uniqueness that improves ease of dose administration and patient compliance.

In recent years Quay has also taken on an increasing number of re-formulation projects, creating new products (e.g. for paediatrics) and supporting new applications of existing API with innovative formulations, across oral solid and liquid, topical and injectable dosage forms.

Quay also engages with clients early in the development process, offering bespoke screening services tailored to the individual API to optimise formulations ahead of pre-clinical PK and toxicology studies.

Our breadth of experience coupled with our flexible approach to Pharmaceutical and Process Development has allowed us to excel in the development of innovative new medicines know as Live Biotherapeutics (LBT). SGS Quay Pharma were among the first companies to obtain a licence to manufacture LBT and we continue to be leaders in this CDMO space, developing and manufacturing LBT for clinical trials and beyond.

SGS Quay Pharma