Pioneer Group

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About Pioneer Group

Pioneer Group’s mission is to help life sciences and high-tech businesses to thrive in tackling challenges in both human and planetary health. Across the UK and Ireland, Pioneer leads the way in integrating the provision of mission critical real estate, venture building and venture investment.
Since 2003 its connected cluster model has provided powerful sector-specific, business-focused ecosystems in which businesses are more likely to succeed.

Real Estate

As a leading developer and operator of life science and high-tech campuses, Pioneer Group manages over £1 billion of real estate (over 4 million square feet) in 12 leading innovation locations across the UK and Ireland. Pioneer’s campuses offer a range of flexible, specialist laboratory, industrial and office space to support scientists, technologists, engineers and entrepreneurs on every step of the innovation journey from R&D to manufacturing. Pioneer’s campuses are home to organisations ranging from start-up to multi-national.

Venture Building and Venture Investment

Pioneer Group delivers the most comprehensive suite of accelerator and venture building activity across the UK and Ireland, helping founders to transfer cutting-edge discovery into visionary ventures that scale. Pioneer’s in-house team supports start-ups and scale-ups and works in partnership with organisations such as Innovate UK, AbbVie, Astellas, Academic Health Science Networks and many of the UK’s strongest universities.

Pioneer also backs game-changing, early-stage life science companies with investment from its venture capital funds, alongside ongoing mentoring and assistance. The focus is on funding the most promising companies graduating from Pioneer’s venture building programmes and/or based at its campuses. Since 2015, Pioneer has supported over 80 early-stage ventures which have raised in excess of £200m.


Pioneer Group has curated a trusted community of 1000+ experts, mentors, venture partners, corporates, clients and alumni operating in the most exciting areas of life sciences and high-tech innovation.
Pioneer supports companies with access to capital, mentoring, finding customers, hiring talent, choosing the right infrastructure, and much more. It leverages cross-sector collaboration through a wide-ranging events programme, a dedicated online networking platform, and personal introductions to key contacts within the wider collective.

For more information about Pioneer Group, visit

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