Centillion – RNA by Design™

We are breaking scientific and technological boundaries to pioneer the RNA era of human health.

Our mission is equitable access to diverse RNA-based therapies and vaccines for robust and sustainable response to unmet clinical needs for everyone, everywhere.

RNA at the click of a button

Our cutting edge Biofoundry-in-a-Box™ (BiaB) patented technology empowers innovators to revolutionise the development of RNA-based vaccines and therapies, enabling unprecedented levels of productivity and speed. Centillion BiaB™ is a modular, multi-purpose automated RNA micro factory that enables innovators to design, produce and formulate RNA constructs for specific purposes. With the BiaB™ solution RNA can now be manufactured on-demand and as a service at the click of a button.

Taking our partners on their RNA journey

Centillion takes innovators on their RNA journey through our digitally enabled biologics manufacturing platform fueled by novel flow technology; led by our ambitious experts and network of partners.

We support our partners through our proven and patented end-to-end process. Our unique technology platform helps to de-risk propositions:

  • Turning ideas into reality
  • Offering seamless, end-to-end scalability from lab through to manufacturing

Join us at the cutting edge of innovation

Whether you are a leading research institute, specialised pharmaceutical company, emerging biotech start-up or government/NGO, we are ready to support your ground-breaking prophylaxes.