Industry, academia, and policy makers set to discuss the future of healthcare at Pharma Integrates 2022

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Taking place on 17th November in London, Pharma Integrates is the must-attend event for leaders, strategists and innovators across pharma & healthcare looking to revolutionise modern medicine. An opportunity to make connections, discuss how to overcome market challenges and advance business goals.

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Our healthcare service is under pressure. With a record 6.84 million people waiting for treatment in July, over 40,000 nurses having left the NHS in the past 12 months, an aging population, a mental health crisis, and growing antibiotic resistance, things are critical.

This is the same healthcare sector that delivered the game-changing COVID-19 vaccine roll-out and continues to innovate, with revolutionary advances in science & technology. With healthcare at a moment of need and innovation scaling up, industry leaders come together to debate and discuss changes needed to improve patient outcomes.

Now in its 11th year, Pharma Integrates brings together the brightest minds across the pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain to share discovery, experience, and insights. This year’s conference will tackle three core themes of big health challenges, innovative technology, and industry enablers in two exclusive interviews and 14 expert panel discussions.

Exclusive Interviews

Tim Ferris, National Director of Transformation at NHS England & NHS Improvement, discusses his experience and thoughts with Jenny Ousbey, CEO & Founder of Ovid Health.

Lord David Prior, Deputy Chairman UK & Global Senior Advisor at Lazard, shares his extensive experience across law, industry, government, the NHS, clinical trials, sustainability and more in conversation with Tamsin Berry, Head of Policy and Partnerships at AreteiaTx, and Partner at Population Health Partners.

Three key themes:

Big Health

While modern medicine has provided us with cures for so many previously untreatable illnesses, there are still major health challenges that evade us. Big Health covers age-related diseases, rare diseases, respiratory illnesses, and cancer. Across four panel sessions featuring voices from industry, academia, and the NHS, experts will share ideas on tackling dementia, increasing patient access to breakthrough therapies, improving inhaled medicines, and, vitally, advancing cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatments.


Technology has revolutionised sectors from transport to entertainment, but the healthcare sector lags behind. We celebrate progress that has been made in health tech, while discussing the challenges to be overcome for a full technological revolution. Across all sessions, experts from Big Pharma and innovative biotechs explore questions, from the use of artificial intelligence in drug discovery to the role of technology in reaching Net Zero.


Discussion of pharmaceutical advancements can often focus on drugs, devices, molecules, and machines, but medicines are developed by humans for humans. Creating an environment to support patients, healthcare professionals, innovative researchers, and everyone involved in the Pharma value chain is essential to enable a better industry.

An opportunity to drive progressive change

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“With increased public focus on the healthcare sector, with the NHS under pressure, and with so many exciting innovations coming through in the biotech and pharma sectors, we’re at a time where attention, need, and solutions have come together like never before,” said Christopher Watt, Executive Director. “We hope Pharma Integrates will harness this opportunity to really drive progressive change in the healthcare sector.”


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Progress comes from collaboration,” remarked Samuel Thangiah, Executive Director. “We’ve really felt the value of being back in person during our events this year – with Bio Integrates & MedTech Integrates in London and PharmaTech Integrates in Glasgow. As our flagship event, we’re excited to see what can be achieved this November at Pharma Integrates 2022.

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Explore the full agenda and extensive list of speakers and sponsors, and ensure you register to guarantee your place.


Industry, academia, and policy makers set to discuss the future of healthcare at Pharma Integrates 2022