HYBRID EVENT: Digital Technologies for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

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To mark the launch of the collaborative project between Medilink Midlands and the ARISE Innovation Hub, part of Anglia Ruskin University, we will be hosting an exciting hybrid event on Thursday 27th October. The event will be held at Harlow Innovation Park, located in Essex, within the established London-Stansted-Cambridge corridor.

For the first in our series of events held in collaboration with ARISE, we’re taking the MedTech and Systems Special Interest Group (SIG) on the road. Born out of our longstanding partnership with Nottingham Trent University (NTU), this special interest group has met several times a year since it was first established in 2016, and is a great example of how networks of this kind can strengthen connections between academia, clinicians and industry.

This next event in the series explores how digital technologies are providing innovative solutions that are positively impacting mental health care and wellbeing more widely. We’ll hear talks from specialists working across this swiftly developing field, covering topics ranging from AI and machine learning, through to app-based interventions and interactive physical devices.

The event will be introduced by Professor Yvonne Barnett, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at Anglia Ruskin University and Medilink Midlands Board Member. Our presentations will be chaired by Professor Phil Breedon, Professor of Smart Technologies at NTU and leader of the MedTech and Systems Special Interest Group since its launch.

Offered as a hybrid event, we’d be delighted to welcome you in person on the day. We’ll be creating a dedicated networking space alongside the formal presentations, as well as offering a tour of the facility. We encourage you to bring along your banners and any other take-home resources to facilitate connections between attendees and hopefully spark future collaborations.

For those unable to travel, we’re pleased to offer the opportunity to join our talks via live stream.

The full programme of presentation titles and speakers will be announced very shortly. In the meantime, secure your place today via the links you will find here

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About Medilink Midlands

Medilink Midlands is the Midlands Life Sciences industry association whose aim is to help companies establish, develop and grow. Its network represents all aspects of the sector; from multi-nationals to high potential start-up companies, as well as the NHS and Universities.

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HYBRID EVENT: Digital Technologies for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing