The importance of compliance and quality management for successful specialty logistics

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YSDS is a global logistics company focused on special logistics within Life Science. The importance of compliance and quality management in this field cannot be highlighted enough, and YSDS are proud certificate holders of GDP and AEO.

The logistics challenges of the past few months are countless – from limited spaces on aircraft, reduced routes, and unpredictable delays at main hubs to ferry terminal ques and post-Brexit customs delays.

At YSDS, we have been working hard to keep providing global seamless shipping solutions, no matter the hurdles along the way. Our unique offering is made up of many components, but some of the success factors that allow us to keep progressing are:

  • We provided our clients with full visibility on their time and temperature-sensitive goods
  • We conduct proper risk assessments on all shipments
  • We’re able to intervene at any deviation incurred during transit

The above and so much more are guaranteed at YSDS. Not only because of our excellent track record and in-depth logistics know-how, but also because of our GDP and AEO certificates. Our GDP* certificate is proof of our dedication towards our clients – excellent service, outstanding quality, transparency, and actual delivery are key in all aspects of our professional service. Furthermore, our AEO** status certifies that our procedures are in accordance with UK and EU laws.

Because of our continuous commitment to quality and compliance, we have been able to maintain the highest standards during a difficult past year in the world. It is with great pride that we help our client partners navigate their way through their logistics challenges with success and prosperity.

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We’re delighted that John Coleman, Head of Quality and Business Development at Your Special Delivery Service will be speaking on the “Playing it cool” session at BioIntegrates on 20th May, 2021

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About Your Special Delivery Service

Your Special Delivery Service (YSDS) is an international logistics company specializing in seamless global shipping solutions for extraordinary products, destinations and timeframes. Through our team of dedicated and professional shipping professionals, we provide high-quality logistics consulting and execution mainly in the fields of Art, Life Science, IT/Tech and Industrial. For more information, please visit

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The importance of compliance and quality management for successful specialty logistics