Delivering better medical solutions: Team Consulting appoints new CEO

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Team Consulting, one of the UK’s leading medical device design and development consultancies, has appointed Iain Ansell as the company’s new CEO.

With a proven track record from leading Team Consulting’s medical device development activities as Consulting Director, Iain will continue to drive new growth by ensuring the company remains the best-in-class provider while delivering excellence for all its clients.

Ansell is an experienced medical device expert, having spent his career as a technical consultant developing products across diverse business sectors.

He has worked on and led numerous award-winning projects for the company’s clients, including a novel surgical innovation and an emergency ventilator development requested by the UK Government.

Commenting on his appointment as the new CEO, Ian Ansell, said:

“Team Consulting has a strong reputation in the medical device industry, and we are looking to build even stronger relationships with our growing client base in the UK and across the globe.”

“Having spent the last 30 years in fees-for-service consulting, I understand the need to have a laser focus on our clients and the projects we carry out for them.”

“What makes Team Consulting so successful is its people – we seek to attract and retain the best, then enable them to do extraordinary things.”

The new appointment comes at a period of exponential growth for the company, having expanded its expertise across a variety of sectors, including newly dedicated teams focusing on FemTech, sustainability, digital health, biotherapeutics and wearables.

The announcement of the new CEO at Team Consulting is quickly followed by the appointment of new commercial leads for the company’s U.S. and European markets, to ensure its global client base receive the dedicated support they need.

Bill Dowd, VP – Business Development, will be leading the company’s engagement with clients across North America, with a focus on MedTech, diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors. Meanwhile, Jean-Marc de Verteuil, Business Development Manager for Europe, will be working with EU clients to ensure their medical device challenges are met.

Team Consulting is 100% medical focused. From large pharmacos to start-ups, the award-winning business partners with clients for all stages of device development.

Combining its expertise and experience in industrial design, engineering and human factors, Team Consulting develops medical devices from early concept through to commercial launch.

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About Team Consulting

Team Consulting is the largest medical device design consultancy in Europe, with over 140 employees working in 6 key sectors: drug delivery, MedTech, diagnostics, surgical, consumer health and digital health. We work closely with both start-ups and multinationals to develop innovative and award-winning devices that meet regulatory requirements. We can work at any stage of medical device development, from concept generation to industrialisation. Above all, we believe it is the way that we work with our clients that is key to your success.

Additional information can be obtained by visiting the website at

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Delivering better medical solutions: Team Consulting appoints new CEO