SK biotek and AMPAC Fine Chemicals Launch Global Video

SK biotek (SKBT) and AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC) are wholly owned subsidiaries of the South Korean conglomerate SK; the partnership between the companies, established in 2018, creates substantial market synergies in the API CDMO space by combining highly complementary assets and expertise of these companies, enabling us to provide the highest quality services to our customers.

As part of the SK Family, AMPAC and SK biotek combined are able to provide our customers a broader portfolio of offerings. With a strong technology toolbox supporting Continuous Processing, highly energetic chemistries, SMB and HPAPI and access to over 1000m³ of global capacity, spread across three continents, we have the capability and capacity to support all your API and Intermediate needs across the full lifecycle.

As an SK customer, we commit to work with you and your product as if it were our own; after all, we have been doing it for decades, producing many of the world’s most recognized drugs.

To find out more… view our new global video.

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SK biotek and AMPAC Fine Chemicals Launch Global Video