NICE Scientific Advice masterclass for biotech companies:

Start with the end in mind

Thursday 5th September, 9am-12pm
Babraham Research Campus, CB22 3AT
The Cambridge Building, King’s Hedges Room
A free event for all biotechnology companies in the Cambridge area

About the day

It is never too early to think about engaging with NICE. NICE Scientific Advice can help to shape clinical trial protocols and early modelling plans to ensure that evidence generation is targeted at an early to stage to providing the data required at the end of the process, when a technology is appraised by NICE or other HTA bodies.

If you are a biotech company thinking about selling to a larger pharmaceutical company or going to market alone, it is important that early clinical plans incorporate the needs of the final decision makers, as well as the regulatory bodies. In this masterclass run by NICE Scientific Advice, you can learn about how NICE makes decisions, the important considerations in clinical trial development for payers, and how companies can engage with NICE.


How NICE makes decisions on new technologies

How NICE makes decisions on new technologies

Differences in requirements between regulators and payers

When and how companies should engage with NICE

The value of seeking NICE scientific advice on clinical development plans

NICE Office for Market Access

If you are interested in speaking with the NICE Scientific Advice team individually and in a confidential setting after the workshop, please let us know when you register.

For more information and to register a place, email


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NICE Scientific Advice masterclass for biotech companies: