Logistics: a game of chess or emotions?

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Technological advancements in all its glory, but we must never forget the importance of humanity in customer satisfaction

The supercomputer Deep Blue’s 1997 win against chess grand master Garry Kasparov sent a shockwave across the world. The win was a sign that artificial intelligence was catching up to human intelligence and could defeat one of humanity’s great intellectual champions. The data revolution was born, and in 2021 we’re seeing massive shifts in its trail – physical to digital, wasteful to sustainable, delayed to instantaneous, manual to automated etc.

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“Logistics is no longer just a cost of doing business. Today, it’s the source of strategic innovation and an essential part of how organizations are competing and preparing for an unpredictable tomorrow” – 30th Annual Study of Logistics and Transportation Trends (Masters of Logistics)

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I work with logistics within Life Science – two industries going through heavy data transformations. In logistics, technology is enabling and driving changes to the ways companies move, store and deliver goods & services. It’s also impacting and shaping the “human” aspects of logistics and transportation. And this is what I find fascinating: The combination of technology and humanity to create magic.

When Kasparov lost, reports describe his refusal to believe the fact that a computer had beat him. He argued that it must have been controlled by a real grand master because its playing was “too human” to be that of a machine. Yet the reality was that Deep Blue’s victory was precisely because of its rigid, unhuman-like commitment to cold, hard logic in the face of Kasparov’s emotional behavior.

But what would have happened if the chess game also included handling ten people unsatisfied for different emotional reasons? You could only win if you won the chess game and made a majority of the people feel satisfied. Would Deep Blue still have won?

Logistics is a game of chess – moving goods one step at a time, changing strategy if external circumstances change. But logistics is also a game of emotions – people put their hearts and souls into the goods they want to send, and meeting their emotional needs is vital for any successful logistics solutions provider.

YSDS mixes cold, hard data logic with warm, dedicated human emotion

At YSDS we’ve been living after this device for the past 15 years. Technological advancements in all its glory, but we must never forget the importance of humanity in customer satisfaction. With a shipping success rate of 98% we provide the latest logistics technology and combine it with a 24/7/365 dedicated service, aiming to win every single chess and emotions game we join.

Interested to know more? Get in touch (john.coleman@ysds.com) and check out the website (www.ysds.com/lifescience)!

John Coleman
Group COO at YSDS

Logistics: a game of chess or emotions?