CatSci Have Won The Prestigious Queen’s Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2022

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CatSci Ltd are incredibly delighted to announce that we have won the coveted Queen’s Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2022 The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is one of the most
prestigious awards in the UK, and winning this accolade is a huge achievement for CatSci. We are incredibly proud of the recognition of our continuous and unfaltering dedication to accelerating medicines development.

Established in 2011, CatSci now work with four of the top five global pharma companies, employs nearly 100 people and achieved a turnover of more than £5.8m in 2021. We have 6 operational laboratories across two UK sites fitted with the latest high-end equipment. From our HQ in Cardiff we have done business in 13 countries, and we recently announced that we have expanded into Japan, the second largest market for pharmaceutical innovation.

Winning The Queen’s Award highlights the hard work, talent and commitment of the whole CatSci team. As a team, we are dedicated to continually evolving to support pharmaceutical companies all over the globe and address their CMC demands, so that they can meet patients’ needs. Since CatSci’s origin, we have always been passionate about getting much-needed therapeutics into the hands of patients around the world. To make this vision a reality, we have focused our efforts on scaling up our capabilities, facilities and expert team. By placing such an emphasis on our exponential evolution, we are able to always offer more and better to our global customers.

Winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise is a huge honour to CatSci. The esteemed accolade
reflects CatSci’s innovative export strategy and cutting-edge scientific expertise, and solidifies our position as a dynamic, agile and world-class innovation partner for medicines development. We are proud to be putting Wales on the pharmaceutical industry’s international map.

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Dr Mark Waring, our Director of UK Operations and Cardiff Site, said: “I am immensely proud that
CatSci has received this fantastic recognition. It is a much-deserved reward for the hard work and
talent of our amazing team which has continued to serve our customers around the world during
these most difficult times. We are all driven by the shared mission of creating best-in-class and
perfect-for-purpose therapeutics that will meet the global healthcare needs of patients.”

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About CatSci

CatSci Ltd provides tailored process research and development services to emerging, mid-sized and large pharma. We proudly serve customers across the globe with projects, meeting their needs from IND-enabling through product launch. Our services include route scouting and selection for early development, and process design, development and optimisation for later development.

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CatSci Have Won The Prestigious Queen’s Award For Enterprise: International Trade 2022