Avoid broken cold chains – YSDS Life Science at Bio Integrates 2022

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With more freight moving around the world than ever, there’s a surging demand for flexible, service focused and specialised cold chain logistics providers. High-value time and temperature sensitive shipments are not getting the service and attention they require, and large logistics suppliers are facing severe challenges with being customer-centric. Simply put: innovative approaches are required to avoid broken cold chains.

Enter YSDS Life Science. We move the world’s most valuable goods to any location with exceptional service and care. Combining technology with human service, we find innovative ways to ship our client’s goods without compromising quality whatsoever.

Working with NGOs, SMEs, biotech, universities, start-ups and emerging pharma companies, we manage unique GDP certified logistics solutions for the Life Science industry, including research and development, clinical trials, advanced therapy medicinal products and commercial supply chain.

On May 17th 2022, YSDS Life Science will be attending Bio Integrates to engage with the community transforming the biotech sector, and address the logistics needs of innovative companies developing the therapies of tomorrow.

Our offering includes:

  1. Dedicated Operations Coordinator
    • Personal service
    • 24/7 availability
    • Expert in Life Science
  2. Risk Assessment
    • Document review
    • Route evaluation
    • Backup solutions
  3. Cold Chain
    • Qualified temperature-controlled solutions
    • All temperature intervals available
    • On-site packing assistance and optimization
  4. Visibility
    • Real-time updates
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Direct action upon deviations

We look forward to meeting all attendees and speakers on the day. For any enquiries, please reach out to Liam Gordon, Business Development Manager: liam.gordon@ysds.com.


What: Bio Integrates

When: May 17th 2022

Where: Leonard Royal Hotel, London Tower Bridge

YSDS Life Science booth: 1

YSDS Life Science team:

  • Andy Clarke, Managing Director for YSDS United Kingdom
  • Liam Gordon, Business Development Manager
  • Louise Wilkinson, Specialty Logistics expert
  • Johan Andersson, Chief Technology Officer


Avoid broken cold chains – YSDS Life Science at Bio Integrates 2022