A sense of direction for AI

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At the beginning of 2020, Sundar Pichai, CEO of US tech giant Alphabet, made a plea for a regulatory framework for AI. Writing in the Financial Times in January 2020, Pichai highlighted some of the amazing advances AI is bringing to the world, but also the need to be “clear-eyed about what could go wrong”. Fears around deep-fakes, misuse of facial recognition and so on have the potential to breed suspicion and mistrust, cutting off the plant before it has a chance to grow. So regulation is necessary for the safe development of AI technologies. But what Pichai was asking for were global standards, with international alignment.

Artificial Intelligence is bringing amazing advances to our world, but there is equally a need to regulate to ensure the safe development of technologies. Mills & Reeve and the AMRC carried out extensive research to assess how we might meet this challenge.

Below is an overview of our research or if you would like to download the full research paper, please click here to register your details.

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Have your say…

The UK Intellectual Property Office is collecting views on how the system works to protect and support AI innovation. Should an AI be treated as an inventor and given ownership rights? How do you control infringing activity by an AI? We took soundings on these and other issues from our clients and contacts, and developed a paper in response to the call for views. 

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About Mills & Reeve

National law firm Mills & Reeve is renowned for its outstanding service, collaborative culture and deep sector expertise. But more importantly, we are the legal advisors behind some of the UK’s most successful businesses in the life sciences sector. We have a core multidisciplinary team, focused on the sector, and many of our team are former scientists.

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A sense of direction for AI