3M: How connected technology is helping to put patients at the centre of drug delivery

3M is a science-based technology company with more than fifty years of global pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services experience. They provide customers with proven inhalation, transdermal, oral and topical manufacturing expertise and have improved the lives of millions of patients all over the world.

With the need for a new patient-centred model in drug delivery growing ever more important, connected health is providing the solution. By placing patients at the forefront of the drug delivery design process, companies such as 3M have a vision for higher rates of adherence which in turn could reduce healthcare costs.

The 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler

Connected drug delivery systems could allow patients to self-manage their health and take more control of their condition. 3M is considering the patient at the beginning of the design process, to develop better products for the user, the caregiver, the provider and the payer.

The 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler (ICI), which is currently in development and not yet available for commercial sale, has been created in this patient-centric way and aims to dramatically improve both correct use and adherence. It is a breath-actuated device designed to release the dose at the right inspiratory flow automatically, meaning patients don’t have to coordinate their in-breath with triggering of the device. It can also detect if the patient is inhaling properly to ensure that they get a full dose of the medication. In addition to the device, a companion app has been developed which has useful dosage and refill reminders, and provides technique feedback to aid correct technique.

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Dr Steve Wick, Vice President, Product Development & Commercialisation, 3M Drug Delivery Systems: “Today, patient empowerment is a top priority when it comes to drug delivery. As scientists and engineers begin drafting new designs for drug delivery methods, they are now starting with the patient at the ground level. The benefit of this new approach is the ability to first understand patient circumstances and the challenges they present.”

Louise Righton, Global Marketing Operations Manager, 3M Drug Delivery Systems: “Pharmaceutical companies who embrace the new patient-centric mindset in drug design will reap rewards in the future as they drive better outcomes and establish increased trust with patients, caregivers and ultimately payers.”

“By bringing drug development and drug delivery together early in the process, we will design pharmaceutical solutions that patients can weave naturally into their lives and which are no longer a burden to accommodate. And that’s a win for all involved.”


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3M: How connected technology is helping to put patients at the centre of drug delivery